Your new favorite sport

With end-to-end action, very few stoppages, and plenty of offense, it will be hard to stay in your seat during a Tropical Hockey League game. We will be bringing in the best inline hockey players in the world, hosting an annual entry draft, and a holding a huge championship tournament at the end of the year to give you a major league feel at minor league ticket prices.

Fan Ownership

For the fans who are especially committed to helping us build the THL, they will have the opportunity to buy shares in THL teams. Shares come with voting rights- you get to elect your board of directors, who oversees the team's GM, but you also get to send representatives to league meetings and have your voice heard on a number of subjects ranging from expansion to rule changes.

A part of your community

There cannot be a Tropical Hockey League without fans, and so every THL team will make community service a priority to pay back the people who will make this whole venture possible. Teams are going to be running food and school supply drives, visiting hospitals, starting grassroots roller hockey programs, and much, much more. We also want every person, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, orientation, or previous experience with the game to feel welcome, because coming to a game with your friends or family should be something that everyone can enjoy.

fully professional

We want to give you the best hockey to watch, and anything short of that is simply not good enough for you. This is not going to be a bush league like some minor league ice hockey leagues. We won't have coaches or owners suiting up for games, we will crack down hard on dangerous play, abuse of officials, and abuse of fans, and our teams are going to treat our players well so that they will perform their best and want to stay around for a long time.

Enjoy the game your way

No matter how you want to enjoy Tropical Hockey League action, we will have something for you. Teams will be keeping their tickets as cheap as possible so that you can come to more games and experience more THL hockey. For fans who want a more luxurious experience, you can buy VIP tickets, where teams will give you luxurious seating and dining options while you take in the game. The league will also be buying top-quality video cameras to livestream games for free for those at home and to keep the experience consistent from arena to arena. Hardcore fans will be able to enjoy advanced statistics, salary information, and fantasy leagues from the convenience of our website. We will also be the first pro sports league in the United States to incorporate betting right on our league website. The THL is for you, and for you to enjoy however you want.